Airsoft BB’s – Everything You Need To Know About Airsoft BBs And Our Recommendations

Airsoft BB’s – Everything You Need To Know About Airsoft BBs And Our Recommendations

It is very safe to say that airsoft is not a very complex sport. All someone really needs to get started in the sport is good eye protection, and airsoft gun, and a good amount of quality BBS for ammunition. With that being said, Selecting the right type of BBS can really make an impact on how you play on the airsoft field.

Airsoft BB Size and Weight

Now, airsoft BB’s come in different sizes and weights. Most BBS come in a standard size of 6mm, but some can also be 8mm. The size of the BB is important because if it is not made correctly than the shot will not go through your gun smoothly. The diameter of all airsoft guns is designed to be slightly bigger than the BB size. Our best recommendation to you is to not risk hundreds of dollars in gun repairs just because you wanted to be cheap with your BBS.

The most common weights for airsoft BBS are 0.12 grams and 0.20 grams. Some other common weights are 0.25 grams, 0.28 grams, and up to 0.40grams. It’s important to remember that the heavier the BB is the more force it is going to need to launch the round out of your airsoft gun.

Lightweight BBS

The lighter weight BBS (0.12) are usually designed for close range combat. They are usually found in spring powered guns that have an average FPS of about 250.

One the inside these BBS are hollow and have a great accuracy at shorter ranges, but these types of BBS are NOT recommended for higher powered airsoft guns. The increased amount of power can cause the BB to actually shatter inside of the airsoft gun causing internal damage. If that wasn’t bad enough these BBS have been found to be completely ineffective at longer ranges.

Mid-Range BBS

The middle of the road weights of 0.20 grams to 0.28 grams have the widest range of use. Unlike the 0.12 gram rounds the mid-range BBS are strong enough to be used in airsoft guns with a higher FPS stats. While still remaining light enough to ne used in airsoft guns with a lower FPS rating at close range.

Heavy BBS

The heavier airsoft BBS are specifically designed for high-powered airsoft assault rifles and sniper rifles. Due to the heavier weight, these rounds have high flight stability and accuracy at range.

Unlike the mid-range and lightweight BBs you would not want to use these in guns with a low FPS. This is mainly due to the fact that it takes more force to fire the round making it less effective at a longer range if the weapon is not powerful enough to shoot the BB.

What Type Materials Are BBS Be Made Out Of??

When it comes to airsoft BBS it is “quality” over “quantity” and it is important to understand the different materials your BBS are made of. Now, there are two very common types of materials available to players.There are non-biodegradable BBS and biodegradable BBS.

Biodegradable BBS are usually made from a plastic called polylactic acid or polylactide, also known as PLA. They are known as biodegradable because they are made with natural and renewable materials. When it comes to price these BBS usually cost more than the Non-biodegradable ones, but most outdoor airsoft fields require players to use these types of BBS.

This is mainly because they are more water-soluble than non-biodegradable BBS, and break down into water and carbon dioxide in about 40 to 90 days.

non-biodegradable are made from a plastic called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, also known as ABS. Non-biodegradable BBS are often cheaper than Biodegradable ones, but they do not degrade over time, are not environmentally friendly, and are not water-soluble.

Due to this fact, most outdoor airsoft fields do not allow players to use them. On the bright side, these BBs are usable for indoor fields or on private property.

Do Airsoft BBS Come In Different Colors??

Yes! airsoft BBS do come in all kinds of different colors. The main thing that changes from having a light or dark color BB is your ability to see it while in the air. This can actually give airsoft players a slight tactical advantage but it does come with some cons as well.

Light colored or white BBS are usually the most common and are pretty easy to see. One of the downsides to using light colored BBS is that your opponents can easily trace them and find out where they are being fired from.

Now some positives are with these it will be easier to place your shots, and also makes it easier for the referees on the field to call players out when they get hit.

Black or dark colored airsoft BBS may blend into their surroundings and are harder to see when they are flying towards the target. This can be considered a positive and a negative. Positive because it makes it harder for your opponent to trace your shots back you. Negative because it will be harder for you to tactically place your shots, and referees will have a harder time seeing players get hit if they decide not to call it.

Our Recommendations for Airsoft BBS

Now that we have given you a good education on the facts of airsoft BBS here are some of our recommendations for BBS that are good quality and are ready to be purchased!


Elite Force Precision 0.25 Gram BBs

Elite Force Airsoft offers top of the line BBs. Packaged in a unique bottle with a screw-on top makes storage, transport, and loading simple and convenient. These BBs have been tested successfully in many variants of mid and hi-cap magazines to expose potential jamming and misfires.

This testing combined with the overall consistency in size and polish have proven these precision Elite Force BBs to be an excellent formula for an extremely competitive BB. 

Size | Material | Count: 6mm – Biodegradable – 2700



Metal Tac 0.20 Gram Airsoft BB’s

MetalTac 0.20g airsoft BBs are another great choice for mid-range. They are perfect for high-quality AEG, perfectly balanced, and extremely accurate. High Precision, ultra smooth and perfectly balanced BB.

The Metal precision rating level has exceeded most the brands out there available on the Market, running head to head to the best Japanese brand BBs’.

Size | Material | Count: 6mm – Non-Biodegradable – 5,000 



Black Ops 0.20 Airsoft BB’s 

These biodegradable .20 gram 6mm airsoft are perfect for the airsoft enthusiast. These BBs are easily visible without the need for neon colors.

Take your game to the next level as Black Ops 0.20 Airsoft BB’s as perfect for your high powered AEG or sniper rifle. Players will be able to use them on any field as they are approved for indoor and outdoor use!

Expect a long lifespan because they are engineered to eliminate bubbles and flaws, and will not begin to degrade until long-term exposure to water and sun.

Size | Material | Count: 6mm – Biodegradable – 10,000


Valken Tactical 0.25 Gram BBs

Valken Tactical 0.25 Gram BBs can be used in most spring, gas and electric powered airsoft guns.

They are perfectly balanced and extremely accurate. High Precision, ultra smooth and perfectly balanced. 

Legal for indoor fields and a select few outdoor fields. 

Size | Material | Count: 6mm – Non-Biodegradable – 2,500 and 5,000


MetalTac 0.30 Gram Airsoft BBs

airsoft bbsOur next recommendation is the MetalTac 0.30g 6mm BBs. These perfect for high-quality AEGs. These BBs come in as close to 6mm as possible in 5.95. The weight of these BBs is 0.30 grams.

These BBs are perfectly polished and smooth for the best precision to fire extremely accurate. High quality compared with other expensive brands at a low cost

Size | Material | Count: 6mm – Non-Biodegradable – 3,000



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