Airsoft CQB Tactics and Tips for Beginners!

Airsoft CQB Tactics and Tips for Beginners!

What Is Airsoft CQB?

CQB, also know as close quarter battle, is fast pace, close quarter, chaotic airsoft match. These type of airsoft matches are usually held indoors and often require a certain type of mindset, equipment, and tactics. In this post, we plan to highlight some tips that will help you dominate the CQB field! 

So let’s get started! 🙂

Bring Food And Snacks To Stay Energized

It is very important to mention that before you even hit the field we need to make sure we energize our bodies and also make sure we are hydrated. Airsoft is a physical activity and anyone that has been dehydrated before knows it’s not a fun experience. Make sure that your body is fully prepared for the full day of fun on the airsoft field. 

Be Aware Of Surroundings At All Times On The Field 

Try to always be aware of your surrounds and footing while participating in a CQB style game. Now depending on the condition of your local CQB field you visit there could be debris laying around. This can make it very hard to navigate through high traffic or dangerous zones. 

Make sure you take your time and be aware of what is around you. If you trip and fall you can not only injure yourself but at the very least you give your enemies an easy shot at you. Although speed and aggression is a need in CQB never let yourself and anyone else push you to move faster than you are comfortable with. 

Beware Of The Fatal Funnel (Don’t Stop In Doorways)

One of the most common mistakes airsoft players make is hesitating when breeching or entering a room. This is also commonly known as the “Fatal Funnel”. When you or a team of players make the decision to enter and clear a room it is important to know that the doorway is the most dangerous part of the CQB encounter. This is mainly because this is where you have the highest chance of getting shot.  

ALways know that doorways are do tend to attract fire and when you hesitate you give your opponent a standing target. What we recommend that you enter the quickly and smoothly and work your way from corner to corner. Now in the event, you get shot in while entering make sure you move out of the way so both teams can continue to play.

Make Sure Your Airsoft Gun Is Optimized For CQB 

If you haven’t noticed a lot of the airsoft guns that are built for CQB are often short in length. This is because shorter length guns are often easier to manipulate in small rooms, houses, and other close quarter areas. For Example, we would not recommend that you carry around a long-range sniper rifle into a close quarter combat situation. 

Here is a quick recommendation for a solid airsoft gun for CQB

So if it is at all possible go with a shorter gun but if that is not possible just make sure the gun is comfortable for you. We also recommend that you use a gun with a decent rate of fire. It is very hard to deny that putting shots down range faster can help you gain an advantage over your opponent. 

Please also keep in mind that all fields have restrictions on how high your gun can be tuned. So before you go to play make sure you know what this rate of fire and FPS limit is. 

When it comes to sights on your airsoft gun we highly recommend going with a simple red dot style optic over a magnified one. Most of your targets are not going to be at a far distance. Not only with a simple allow you to aim faster but you will have better target acquisition. 

You can also think about attaching a vertical or angular foregrip to your airsoft gun. These can definitely be used to make the gun easier to manipulate. Finally, flashlights can be the ultimate attachment because it can serve more than one purpose. First, besides allowing you to see in dark areas a flashlight will allow you to see the BBs fly when fired from your gun.  This can be useful because it will allow you to trace your shots to place them tactically.  They can also blind your opponent when aiming at them. 

Utilize Good Team Communication

We think it is safe to say that communication is key with almost anything in life and it is no different in airsoft. CQB is often very dark, loud, and pretty chaotic. This can make very hard or confusing when working with teammates. The first thing we recommend to try and combat this is is coming up with a very easy visual way to identify your teammates. 

This can be achieved by using high viz armbands or even having the entire team wear the same style uniform. By making it easy to identify each other you can avoid potential friendly fire situations. 

Verble communication is also very important when on the airsoft field. As we mentioned earlier CQB environments are often very loud and chaotic environment so don’t be shy when it comes to verbal communication. For Example, If you are already in a firefight there is no need to be sneaky. Go ahead and yell to your teammates letting them know what is going on so they can potentially assist you. If the field you play on allows radios and headsets it would be a good idea to utilize these tools for the ultimate communication while staying pretty quiet.  

Above All Else Have FUN!!

Always remember we are all out there to have fun! When people take things to seriously they can take all the fun away from the activity. So from your friends here at be safe, be aware, and have fun. See you guys out on the field and have a great day! 🙂 


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