Airsoft Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport where players shoot each other with plastic balls known as BB’s. These BB’s are fired out of expertly designed replica firearms known as airsoft guns. The game heavily relies on the honor system and is the duty of players to call themselves out when they are shot, whether or not anyone saw it happen.

What is a BB?

A BB is a small spherical plastic ball used as ammo for an airsoft gun.

How Realistic Are Airsoft Guns?

Some are very realistic. Most people are unable to distinguish them from the real thing. They are and used in some law enforcement training.

What is Hop Up?

Airsoft “hop-up” devices simply apply a backspin to the BB so that the pressure acts on the BB opposite to the direction that gravity is pulling on it. This will cause the BB to fall less over distance compared to a shot without spin applied to it. The “hop-up” can usually be adjusted to the players liking, but the heavier the BB the more of a backspin in required to counter the force of gravity.

If the hop-up is adjusted correctly you can expect better range, accuracy, and a straight trajectory for your shot. Most airsoft guns come standard with this feature.

What Kind Of BB’s Should I Use With My Gun?

The guns we recommend here at are considered “competition quality” airsoft guns, and these guns require the same quality BB’s. The quality of an airsoft BB is going to be closely related to its manufacture.

Here are some examples of some good airsoft BB manufactures:

  • KSC
  • G&G
  • PHX
  • Airsoft Elite
  • Excel
  • P Force

On the opposite side, we have bad quality BB’s that can be purchased at stores like Dick’s sporting goods, Big 5, Walmart, and Sport Chalet for example. It is crucial to the overall health of your gun to use high-quality BB’s. We recommend not risking hundreds of dollars in gun repairs over a 15 dollar bag of BB’s.

What is The Safest Way To Play Airsoft?

Airsoft is a safe sport to participate in but it requires the cooperation of all the players in involved to maintain a safe gameplay environment. If you do not know some major rules of airsoft check out our rules and regulations post. Here are some quick tips to help you stay safe out there.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times!
  • Treat your airsoft gun just like a real firearm. You are going to want to keep your finger off the trigger when you are not prepared to shoot something. Also, be sure to have the barrel of the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • ALWAYS wear eye protection when participating in airsoft, and DO NOT remove your eye protection during a game.
  • Always play at a sanctioned airsoft field.
  • Stay calm at all times. If you feel like you are losing control of yourself simply remove yourself from the game and take a break.

For more information on the rules of airsoft click here

How are the gas, spring and electric airsoft guns different from each other?

As the name reflects “gas” powered gun’s main source of power is gas that can be loaded at the bottom of the magazine. The weapon is fired the gas is released and launches the BB toward the target. These types of guns are usually the favorite for players because they usually include a realistic feature known as “blowback”. This is the recoiling motion a real firearm would have when fired.

Spring guns are very entry level guns. The slide at the top of the gun must be manually cocked back each time the player wishes to fire. When the weapon is fired a spring is released causing the air in the cylinder to compress and the BB to be launched. These guns are usually very cheap and cheaply made. They lack accuracy and power which is why you will not see them used in competitive gameplay very often.

Electric guns use batteries as their main source of power. Basically, the motor runs a gear that compresses the air in the cylinder. This is the most popular choice among airsoft players because you get good value for an affordable price. The common term for there type of rifles is AEG’s. These guns are powerful and have overall low maintenance involved.

What is the average range of an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns usually have a range of about 55 yards. 40 yards for springs powered guns, 60 yards for most gas powered guns, and 70 for electric guns. These distances can vary based on the weight on the BB’s and the FPS of the airsoft gun itself.

What is FPS?

FPS stands for feet per second in terms of velocity and is a measurement of distance traveled. The higher the FPS on the airsoft gun the further the BB will travel. 

What is R.O.F (rate of fire)?

ROF, or rate of fire, is simply how many BB’s your airsoft gun can shoot a second. A high rate of fire sounds good at first, but the higher the ROF, the faster you will use your ammo during a game. Also, some fields have a restriction on how fast your gun can shoot so keep that in mind when adjusting the ROF of your gun.

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