Airsoft Pistols – Ultimate Online Guide For Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft Pistols – Ultimate Online Guide For Airsoft Pistols

If you are Interested in a more up close and personal style of gameplay than maybe look into getting yourself an airsoft pistol as your sidearm. There 3 different types of pistols for you to choose from. The first type of airsoft pistol is a “spring pistol” also known as “springers”.

Spring Airsoft Pistols

The way a spring pistol works is when a magazine is loaded the player will need to manually pull back on the top of the gun to chamber a round. Also, this will activate an internal spring and when the trigger is pulled the spring is released and this will push forward on a piston. This will create air pressure and push the loaded BB out the end of the barrel towards your target.

One of the major draw backs for spring pistols is that you must pull back the slide everytime you wish to fire the gun. These guns are usually extremely cheap and don’t shoot that far or accurately.

They are usually made of very cheap plastic materials making them very easy to break. You would not see many players using these pistols in competitive gameplay.

Automatic Electric Airsoft Pistols

The next type of the airsoft pistols are A.E.P’s or Automatic Electric Pistols. As the name implies these guns are powered by batteries which operate the action of the gun instead of you having to manually load it each time. Generally these pistols are also pretty cheap and are a slight step up from the spring pistols.

Gas Powered Airsoft Pistols

This is by far the coolest type of airsoft pistol you can buy. These pistols are powered by either “green gas” or “red gas” which is also known as CO2.

Green gas is basically odorless propane with silicone oil mixed inside. How you load a gas pistol is on the bottom of the magazine there is usually a hole where you would place a bottle of green gas for about 5 seconds. After that you now have a fully charged pistol magazine. Depending on the brand of your airsoft pistol and the quality of gas you use you can expect one and a half to two mags on one fill up.

As mention earlier the alternate to green gas is “red gas” or CO2. What’s cool about CO2 is they come in prepackaged capsules that you can just insert into your pistol magazine. A lot of people prefer CO2 to green gas because One cartridge will last you 3 to 5 mags, and CO2 powered guns usually preform better in colder climates.

One downside of CO2 is that the capsules can get kind of expensive over a period of time. 

Also, when it comes to gas powered airsoft pistols there are 2 different types. These are G.B.B or gas blow back pistols and Non blow back. Gas blow back pistols have a recoiling slide that simulates a real life firearm, and non blow back guns do not.

Now some of the cons of gas pistols are that they usually require more maintenance and upkeep to function properly. These guns are the most expensive type of airsoft pistol.

Below we have left a list of affordable airsoft pistol recommendations for you to check out!

Umarex Elite Force 1911 TAC

The Umarex Elite Force 1911 TAC sports a full metal frame and slide with an Integrated 20mm accessory rail, ideal for mounting weapon lights or laser aiming units.

The front and rear slide cocking serrations along with combat style sights provide a tactical appearance. The grips in the with pistols mare made of textures polymer and has a CO2 powered magazine which operates on common 12g CO2 cartridges

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!

Umarex Glock 17 Gen 4

The Umarex Glock 17 Gen 4 is a GBB black replica pistol that sports an enhanced grip texture. This airsoft pistol operates just like its real steel pistol. s

hooters will appreciate the familiar ergonomic, take down procure, metal slide, drop free 20 round magazine, and realistic blow back action. You can expect around 290 FPS with a .20 gram BB.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!


Elite Force Beretta M92 A1

From the creators of perhaps the most well-known Co2 airsoft gun ever made comes the Elite Force Beretta M92 A1. This airsoft pistol is made completely from metal with giver the owner a very hefty weight and realistic feel.

This gun is powered by CO2 which produces a very snappy and satisfying recoil with every shot the player takes.

The sidearm is also equipped with a 2 slot rail along the bottom frame. This allows players to attach their favorite lights and lasers easily.

This airsoft pistol will provide great performance in competitive play. This Elite Force has included one new feature that makes this gun unique and that is a full auto switch.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!

Walther P99

The Walther P99 Block back pistol is capable of firing 6mm .20 BB’s Through it’s smooth brass inner barrel at around 320 fps. Just like all blow back pistols when fires the weapon there is a very satisfying realistic recoil motion.

When it is time to reload this airsoft pistol there is a paddle style mag release which smoothly ejects the magazine and exposes the hidden CO2 piercing knob in the grip.

This gun is made 1:1 scale so it will fit in any real holster design for a P99. Overall for price, durability, and operation you cannot find anything better!

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!


WE MEU 1911 Tactical Jungle Warrior

The gas blowback WE MEU 1911 Tactical Jungle Warrior is a full metal airsoft pistol that operates with high pressure gas like green gas, red gas, or propane. This pistol will be ideal for both left and right handed players because it comes with a ambidextrous thumb safety.

Numerous other features include forward cocking serrations, improved trigger, and an attachment point for a retention lanyard. Some of the reinforced metal parts include the outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring rod, slide stop, safety, hammer, and trigger. Finally, The internal upgrade parts include reinforced recoil spring, hammer spring, firing pin, and a extreme high flow valve.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!


Black Ops 1911

The 1911 full metal Black Ops airsoft pistol is a high powered replica. Includes a realistic blowback recoil motion, authentic dual safety, and an integrated adjustable hop up. It’s hard not to notice the beautiful gun metal finish and chrome barrel.  Each metal magazine hold 18 rounds and one 12g CO2 cartridge.

Perform at the highest level on the field, for firearm proficiency and training, or just backyard play. The 1911 Full Metal Blowback from Black Ops USA is the right pistol at the right price.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!



The CZ P-09 is a full-size tactical airsoft pistol with an integrated rail for mounting player favorite attachments. This airsoft pistol has been designed with the original technical drawings, resulting in a realistic look and smooth handling.

Like all gas blowback pistols this features a realistic roiling motion when this weapon is fired. The serious airsoft player will appreciate the smooth trigger pull and iron sights for quick target acquisition. This airsoft pistol is great for all types of airsoft play.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!

H&K USP Pistol

One of the most popular pistols ever made is the USP .45 and this airsoft pistol is a 1:1 Scale replica of this special pistol. This is a single action Co2 powered pistol. This is a non-blowback pistol that has a plastic exterior.

This is a very good budget pistol and the magazine release mimics the firearm and drops the magazine free of the grip frame. It holds 25 airsoft BBs. With it being a licensed replica it holds true to the design of the H&K real steel firearm. Accuracy is great for short and medium handgun distances.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!

EMG / SAI / Smith & Wesson Licensed M&P 9 (Black/Gold)

The EMG / SAI / Smith & Wesson Licensed M&P 9 (Black/Gold) pistol is an accurate and affordable replica gun which very closely replicates its real firearm counterpart.  This gun sports a durable high impact polymer frame with a very heavy duty metal slide. Perfect for left handed and right handed players because it has ambidextrous slide stops/releases.

In addition to that, it has a lower rail for lights and lasers to be attached, a functional trigger safety, and changeable backstraps to custom fit the gun to the player’s hands. This is a gas blowback pistols which means you will get a very realistic roil when the gun is fired. Muzzle velocity is between 280 – 320 FPS and is powered by green gas that is stored in the magazine.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!


Evike WE-USA NG3 Golden M9

One of the most beautiful airsoft pistols we have ever seen. This M9 replica has a beautiful Gold finish that contrasts the black on-frame mag release.

This gun has a new upgraded system called NG3 which is an Evike exclusive project too have popular upgrades and modifications pre-installed while remaining very affordable.  

The REAPS style hop up and bucking replace the factory configuration to give the gun improved range and accuracy.  

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!

KJW Model-616 kp06

The KJW Model-616 kp06 is one of KJW’s newest releases with some great features the will definitely benefit airsoft players.

In our opinion, this airsoft pistol has great power, light trigger pull, good accuracy, and a railed frame. 

This is also a full metal pistol and can also use Co2 or green gas to power it.  This is honestly one of the best blowback pistols on the market.

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!



Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3

airsoft pistolThe Elite Force 1911 Tac comes with everything needed and more when you are looking to upgrade from a standard 1911. This pistol also comes in a custom color configuration to make it stand out in a sea of 1911s.

Don’t forget that the Elite Force 1911’s come with the threaded tip for all of the mock suppressor fans!

If your interested in this pistol click the button below for pricing and reviews!



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